Pre-Health & Nursing Qualifications

Working in the health industry can be an extremely rewarding experience and one that can guide your career into new opportunities. Having a qualification in Health Service Assistance will qualify you to work as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) in hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, and other areas that require an extra set of hands. Having a Cert IV qualification will provide you with entrance requirements into most universities. 

If you're interested in studying health science at university - then this is a great starting point for your career goals. As this course has been designed to give you a foundational knowledge of your first-year university subjects, you will be guided through science subjects like human biology, chemistry, and physics. You'll also be taught about diseases across the world, and use this knowledge to help identify human body imbalances through the use of case studies and scenarios. Finally, we add to your skill level by teaching you about communicating at the university level with skills such as referencing, improving study habits, and creating your university schedule.

Using up to date technology, guest speakers, in-class experiments and engaging practices - this hands-on qualification will give you the skills and knowledge to understand and explain the human body, its functions, capabilities, and limitations. ​

Throughout 2019, our teachers and students have participated in the following: 

  • Excursion to the Red Cross Blood bank donor centre and laboratory

  • Excursion to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

  • Excursion to the New Children's hospital 

  • Excursion to the Ronald McDonald House for Sick Kids

  • Incursion with St John Ambulance

  • Incursion with paramedics

  • Incursion with pharmacist

  • Incursion with Occupational Therapist

  • Incursion with Speech Therapist

  • Incursion with a pathologist

  • Incursion with nurses including paediatric, renal, emergency dept, intensive care and oncology

  • Incursion with sonograph, Xray, MRI and CT specialist

  • Incursion with a GP

  • Incursion with a nutritionist

  • Incursion with the defence force


Tactic Learning also provides a 2-week international medical experience providing basic health care to the slum communities in India. This is in line with an international volunteer organisation called Plan My Gap Year and is an optional extra for our students. Throughout this experience students (and our trainers) are provided opportunities to work within hospitals, medical camps, pathologies, surgeries, Xray, ultrasounds and more. All of these experiences provide us with opportunities to learn how health care is provided and this can result in discussion points within the classroom and additional activities about diseases and injuries. 

Course Structure: 

HLT33115 - Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

To complete our course, you are required to complete 7 modules: 


1. Organisation and Personal Development: 

BSBWOR301 - Organise personal work priorities and development

2. Healthy Body Systems: 

HLTAAP001- Recognise healthy body systems

BSBMED301 - Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately

3. Work in a Safe Environment: 

HLTINF001 - Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures

HLTWHS001 - Participate in workplace health and safety

CHCCCS002 - Assist with movement


4. Work in the Health Care System: 

CHCPRP005 - Engage with health professionals and the health system

CHCCOM005 - Communicate and work in health or community services
CHCDIV001- Work with diverse people


5. Emergency Life Support:

HLTAID001 - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
HLTAID002 - Provide basic emergency life support

HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid


6. Food Prep

HLTFSE006 - Prepare foods suitable for a range of client groups


Optional (Choose one package from below)

Option 1: 

HLTHPS001 Take clinical measurements

HLTAAP002 Confirm physical health status


Option 2: Credit Transfer

2 completed units from our Cert IV program

Option 3: Medication

CHCLEG001 - Work legally and ethically

HLTHPS006 - Assist Clients with Medication


Option 4: Aged Care (must have access to Aged Care Facility):

CHCAGE001 - Facilitate the empowerment of older people 

CHCAGE005 - Provide support to people living with dementia

Course Structure: 

52831WA - Certificate IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies

To complete our course, you are required to complete 5 modules: 


1. Academic Communications: 

  • BSBITU313 – Design and produce digital text documents   

  • PREASU403A – Apply academic skills


2. Microbiology: 

  • PREMHS402A – Provide information on the fundamental principles of
    microbiology used in health settings


3. Medical Terminology: 

  • BSBMED301 – Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately

4. Anatomy & Physiology

  • PREAPU401A – Provide information on human anatomy and physiology​PREPHC405A – Use fundamentals of physics and chemistry in a health context

5. Health Mathematics, Physics and Safety

  • PREMHA404A ‐ Use mathematics in a nursing and health context

HLT33115 - Certificate III in Health Service Assistance

Face to Face

Starts Term 1 and finishes Term 3. $2250

Blended (Face to face & Online)

18 months from start to finish. $1900. Please note that some sections must be done face to face which will be conducted in workshops

52831WA - Cert IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies

Face to Face

1Yr - Term 1-3 in YR12. $2250

2Yr - Term 1-3 in YR11, Term 1-3 YR12. $2500

Blended (Face to face & Online)

18 months from start to finish. $1900. Please note that some sections must be done face to face which will be conducted in workshops

Both III & IV - Dual Qual

Face to Face

Starts Term 1 in Year 11 and finishes Term 3 in Year 12. $4100

Blended (Face to face & Online)

24 months from start to finish. $3500. Please note that some sections must be done face to face.


Both Cert III and IV are completed over 3 terms each using a flipped classroom method where students will be provided content, videos, podcasts, activities, excursions, incursions as well as case studies and scenarios in our online environment, followed by time in the classroom to put their knowledge and skills into practice. 

You can choose to do both the Cert III and IV over year 11 and 12 and graduate with 2 certificates! 

Students wishing to study with us MUST HAVE have​ achieved a C grade minimum in Science, Maths and English in year 10, and also have passed their NAPLAN/OLNA requirements. 

To start the process, you will need to get in contact with your school's VET Coordinator to request their support for you to complete this qualification. You will need to complete the Expression of Interest Form and get their signature on it and then forward it to us for approval. 

We run our programs on either a Thursday or Friday during school terms. If your school does not release students on these days - please get in contact to discuss your situation and hopefully we can help find a solution!

Throughout this time the students are taken on a learning journey through the human body to understand it's abilities and limitations. ​​

Important note: If you are studying online, you will need to provide evidence of your ability to complete simple skills using measurements and tools used in health care. This can either be done via video or by trainer assessment. 


HLT33115 - Certificate III in Health Service Assistance is a job-related qualification. 

Completion of the Cert III in Health Service Assistance qualifies the student to work as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN)  (also known as Nursing Support Workers) under the direction of Registered Nurses to deliver limited care to patients. They have strong communication, empathy and customer service skills that they use in assisting their patients with their daily routines, such as showering, toileting, dressing, eating, communication, mobility, medication and exercise regimes. They also keep accurate patient records and assist in the planning of daily routines and ongoing care plans.

Typical tasks include: 

  • Assisting patients with their personal care needs such as showering, toileting, shaving, oral hygiene, dressing and eating.

  • Assisting patients with their mobility and communication needs.

  • Following therapy plans such as interventions to assist those with dementia and behavioural problems.

  • Observing and reporting changes in patients' condition.

  • Assisting with rehabilitation exercises, basic treatment and delivering medications.

  • Assisting nursing and midwifery staff with routine technical support functions including setting up for procedures, cleaning equipment and completing basic documentation.

  • Maintaining accurate and detailed patient records.

  • Helping to apply simple wound dressings.


This course is used as a stepping stone to move onto more specific courses, either within the VET sector or University so we have collated a list of university and VET courses that you would be able to apply for upon completion of this course which is listed below.

52831WA - Certificate IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies is a pathway program. It isn't a requirement for any employment opportunities. We have designed this course to give you the best foundation for a career in any health or science industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a big task to make a decision on what you want to study! Here are some questions and answers we get asked about our course. Hopefully they will help you make a better decision about your future. 

Can I really bypass doing ATAR subjects and still go to University? 

Yes! Most Australian Universities will accept a Certificate IV + English competency (English STAT test or C grade in ATAR English) for entrance into their courses. Of course, each university is different and has different requirements - so you should have a look at their website and investigate if they will accept your application with these credentials. 

Can I do ATAR and the 52831WA - Certificate IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies?

You can... however you will want to be really motivated do this. Cert IV's are the equivalent of an ATAR subject when it comes to workload, so you need to make sure that your study schedule will allow you to be successful. 

What resources do I need to complete this course?

All of your resources, workbooks, videos, podcasts, and content is given to you online, so having a laptop/computer/tablet as well as access to the internet is necessary. All of your assessments are also submitted online, so you will need to be comfortable with using documents and navigating the internet. 

When do I need to pay for the course? 

When you enrol, you'll be asked to pay a $500 deposit to lock in your place on the course. If you are completing the course in one year, the remainder of your fees will be due within the first few months of you starting the course. If you are completing the course over two years, the remainder of the fees will be charged will be split into a first-year payment and a second-year payment. If you have trouble paying the deposit or fees, you should contact your VET coordinator prior to enrolment. 

Where do I go to attend the course? 

In 2020 the course is offered at our classrooms in Northbridge. We also offer the course at Bunbury and Byford which accept external students.

What if I'm too far away from our location?

Talk to your VET Coordinator and ask them to contact us. We have other options available that could work for your school. Tactic Learning works with schools to deliver the program on their campus, or you could do the online program.

What's the enrolment process?

Once Tactic Learning has received your expression of interest form from your VET coordinator, we will send you a link via email if you have been successful. Use that link to do our online enrolment. Please remember you will be required to pay the $500 deposit shortly after enrolment. 

What happens if I change my mind after enrolment?

Tactic Learning has a refund policy that is available on our Student Zone page. Click here to locate it. 

Which schools are involved in the Cert IV course?  

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