International Medical Trip

In 2019, HSH started talking to Plan My Gap Year about the possibility of working together to provide opportunities for our students to participate in an international medical program. There were so many projects that would provide our students with skills and knowledge that wouldn't be available here in Australia. These skills would directly impact our student's career choices in a positive way and provide avenues for development in various areas. 

So in July 2019, our director Natalie took a trip to the Plan My Gap Year project in India to see what it was all about. Based in Faridabad, India, Natalie was able to be a part of community medical programs, watch surgeries, 

If you would like to join us on one of our trips - please get in touch. We aim to visit India each December and all Tactic Learning Students are welcome to join us. 2019 pricing was $3000pp and this included flights, accommodation, and food. 2020 application details are available now!