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Certificate III in Fitness


Are you interested in the human body and how to make it stronger? The Cert III in Fitness is a great qualification that will help you learn the basics of anatomy & physiology, strength and conditioning, identifying and overcoming barriers to staying fit and healthy as well as how to get the best out of others. 

Units Included


SIS30315 - Certificate III in Fitness (Group Exercise Instructor)



  • SISFFIT001      Provide health screening and fitness orientation

  • SISFFIT002     Recognise and apply exercise considerations for specific populations

  • SISFFIT003     Instruct fitness programs

  • SISFFIT004     Incorporate anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming

  • SISFFIT005     Provide healthy eating information 

  • SISFFIT014     Instruct exercise to older clients

  • SISXCCS001     Provide quality service

  • SISXFAC001    Maintain equipment for activities

  • SISXIND001    Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments



  • BSBRSK401    Identify risk and apply risk management processes

  • HLTAID003    Provide first aid

  • HLTWHS001    Participate in workplace health and safety

  • SISFFIT007    Instruct group exercise sessions

  • SISFFIT011    Instruct approved community fitness programs

  • BSBWOR301    Organise personal work priorities and development

  • CHCDIV001     Work with diverse people

Education Pathway and Job Opportunities

We love to link our Cert IIIs and Cert IVs into a pathway program to ensure that our students are moving in the right direction towards their future. Once you have completed the Cert III in Fitness, and you can show us that you have passed Year 10 English and Maths, you are able to move onto the Cert IV in Science (Biology) Exercise Science Focus. Completion of Cert IV will allow you to satisfy University Entry Requirements to most Universities. 

According to, the Cert III in Fitness also opens up opportunities for you to gain work as a Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer in a variety of different businesses.

Minimum Requirements & Application Details

Students are provided content, videos, podcasts, activities, excursions, incursions as well as case studies and scenarios in our online environment, followed by time in the classroom to put their knowledge and skills into practice. You must have your own device (tablet or laptop etc) to access your course.


If you are at school: 

It's preferable that students wishing to study with us need to have​ achieved a C grade minimum in English in year 10. Talk to us if you don't meet this requirement.​ To start the process, you will need to get in contact with your school's VET Coordinator to request their support for you to complete this qualification. You will need to complete the Expression of Interest Form and get their signature on it and then forward it to us for approval. ​​ We run our year 11 program on either a Thursday or Friday during school terms. If your school does not release students on these days - please get in contact to discuss your situation and hopefully we can help find a solution.

If you are not in school: 

Complete the application document that can be downloaded by clicking the blue button above. Send it to and we'll get in contact about how to get you started. 

Study Options & Costs

This course is available in the following options:

  • Face to face 1 day/week during school term ($2000). This option is only available to school-aged students.